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Can we eat/drink during the dancing evenings?

YES. You may buy drinks at the refreshment bar, open every dance evening at the Agora. Moreover, you may eat on the spot during some special events if you wish to (please remember to book in advance at the animation office.)

What is the schedule of the dancing evenings?

They take place an average of 3 times per week.

What to wear during the aforementioned evenings?

Even though we are a naturist center, nudity is not advised during the dance evenings. “Please be dressed in a proper manners so as not to offense any participant.”

What kinds of “Evenings” are proposed?

Dancing evenings: French popular music in a family oriented atmosphere.
Dance music and foam party evenings: Dedicated to the younger crowd of the center, under their parent’s watch in a family oriented atmosphere. (Due to the pictures taken during those kid and teenager parties, wearing a SWIMSUIT is MANDATORY.)
Special events: Lotto nights, Open air cinema…

Is the sport outfit mandatory?

YES, wearing a sport outfit is mandatory for certain activities such as: Fitness, center’s marathons, and walks taking place outside the naturist area; (short, t-shirt and trainers)

How to register for the challenges and sports lessons?

You just have to go directly to the place where the sport is played. For example, to enroll in the fitness lessons, just go to the fitness area 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the first lesson, show a medical certificate stating that you have no counter order from your doctor, sign in and you may start.

Does the Center offer nautical water activities?

YES. Stand up paddle initiations, renting of boards and canoes are proposed at a special rate for the Center customers. (Access number 4, next to the “Paralia Beach Club”). The price includes the rent of the gear and equipment: board, canoe, lifejacket, scuba diving suits…

Can I borrow sport’s gear?

YES, for tennis racket and Ping-Pong bats, beach volley ball, football and “petanque boules”, please get in touch with the counselors at the animation office. For bows and arrows and blowpipes, please get in touch with the teacher directly at the archery range. The gear lending is free of charge.

Do I have to pay to access all the sport and leisure facilities and participate in the lessons?

NO, all the sport activities in the Center are free. Please get in touch with the counselors in order to get the different schedules for challenges, lessons, initiations… 

What kind of sports can be done in the Centre Naturiste René Oltra ?

You may practice fitness with our coach at the Gym area located at the entrance of the Center, participate in “sports walks” in the countryside (a monthly program is available in the newsletter)
You’ll also find a “pétanque” area, a tennis court, a beach volley/soccer field as well as the Cosmos Area next to the beach, access number 3 and 4: Basketball court, soccer field with synthetic grass, skate park, and  fitness machines.
At the end of the Alley “Olivier”, you may enjoy the Archery and blowpipe range, by yourself or with the help of our instructor (Archery Teaching State Diploma), and the “nature shooting” range.
A running race is also scheduled once a month within the Center: The “René Oltra marathon”.

Animation: Clubs René Oltra

Are the clubs open off season?

YES. The clubs are open during Easter vacations, during public holidays as well as Wednesdays and week-ends from April 1st to September 30th.

Are the kids dressed when at the clubs?

YES. For hygiene and security reasons, kids must be dressed when at the clubs.

Can the kids age 1 to 6 y.o be enrolled in the activities?

NO. We are not taking care of children under the age of 6 y.o. Nonetheless, under their own parents watch and responsibility, those kids are welcome to engage in certain activities (clowns, inflatable structures, foam parties…). We can get you in touch with specialized baby-sitters if needed.

How to get our children access to the clubs?

Inscriptions are free and are to be made directly with the counselors. All the activities and animations proposed in the Center are free of charge, only the outside excursions are to be paid for.

What is the “campers club?”

It is an open access lounge with a library, a large screen TV where card games evenings and cultural meetings take place. 

Pitches / Rents

What are the rents equipped with?

The furniture and household electrical appliance, fully equipped kitchen, air conditioner, heater and garden furniture. The pillows, linen and blankets are also provided. Letting of towels par week : 8€

Can we bring our own BBQ and use it on the rent‘s terrace or on our pitch?

YES, only if it is either an electrical or a gas BBQ. For open-fire BBQ, you may use the built in device at the Agora place.

How many Ampere does the plug provides?

6 amperes. It is possible to get a higher amp, for a fee, under medical or special circumstances.

How many vehicles can we park on a pitch?

ONE vehicle is included in the daily renting fee of the pitch. A second car can be parked on the pitch (EXCEPT during July and August.) for a fee, and only if the aforementioned vehicle does NOT go beyond the road or other pitches limits
The Mobil-homes and chalet designed for 2 or 4 persons have their own parking spot for 1 car. The “Zeus” chalets, designed for up to 6 persons, have 2 private parking spots.

How many people are allowed on pitches ?

The maximum number of people allowed per pitch is 4 adults. An additional fee is applied to the third and fourth person.

What is the size of the pitches ?

Most of the pitches have an average size of 80 to 90 square meters. They can welcome vehicle up to 7 meters long. We also have larger pitches for vehicles measuring 10 meters long and above.

Are facilities suitable for disabled people?

Yes, the bathrooms are all accessible to people with reduced mobility with dedicated shower and toilet. In addition, two mobile homes are specially designed (Mobil-homes Horus Osiris 8 and 16).

Interior regulation and security

Can we film or take pictures ?

NO. Pictures and videos are STRICTLY forbidden on the beach and inside the Center, except within the close family circle. Any person appearing on a picture, even in the far background can have the picture erased and a complaint fill in by a police officer. ANY PERSON TAKING A PICTURE OR A VIDEO OF OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND THEIR WRITTEN CONSENT WILL BE CAUGHT BY THE SECURITY STAFF AND WILL BE BROUGHT TO THE POLICE FORCES AND WILL BE LISTED ON THE “INTERNAL CAMPSITE OFFENDER LIST” AND WILL BE BANNED FROM THE AREA.
For your safety, the security staff is specially trained to find and recognize all existing hidden video devices (camera hidden in watches, sunglasses …)
For your information, pictures and video are also forbidden in the entire Naturist District by the Town Council decree of June 14th 1973.

When can we enter and exit the Center with our vehicle?

The Center’s gates are closed to motor vehicles (except for emergency vehicles) from midnight to 7 am.

What are the arrival and departure time?

You may arrive between 2 pm (14h00) and 11 pm (23h00). The departure MUST  BE DONE BY 10 AM (10h00)

Are animals allowed in the campsite?

YES. Once registered at the main office,  animals are accepted in the campsite. They must be kept on leach or maintained on your own pitch and their vaccines must be up to date. The vaccination folder is mandatory and must be shown for the animal to be allowed in the center.
Dogs of the 1st and 2nd category (pit-bull, boer bulls…) are NOT allowed on the premises.

What to do in case of a loss of the wristband?

You may buy a new one from the main office.

Can we enter and walk within the Center without our wristband?

NO, wearing the wristband is mandatory to enter, exit and walk within the center. It can be asked by the security staff at any given time.

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