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Interior regulations



1 - Conditions of admission

To be allowed to enter and to have the right to move in to our holiday centre, the Directors must have given their authorization. The directors provide the customer with the rental and equipment related to the classification of the campsite. Moreover, they undertake to enforce the rules and assume a duty of general supervision. Only naturist licence owners are accepted (FFN / FNI / FKK etc), you can buy a licence at the reception. The camper may move into his site if he agrees to respect the naturist moral code, to behave in a correct fashion, to respect others and to agree with the obligatory practice of nudism, weather permitting. But nudism does not mean exhibitionism. Any behaviour that is contrary to accepted standards will be pena- lised by the immediate expulsion from the campsite. The offenders will no more be accepted in the camping. According to the interior regulation, and in order not to disturb the youngsters, we remind you that genital piercings and/or jewels are forbidden

You must either take them off or hide them with a sarong or a towel. Any person wishing to stay at least one night at the campsite must first present an ID card at the booking office. Every adult accompanied by one or several adolescents (who has not their legal guardianship) has to present a parental consent with mention “camping naturist” as well as the address of the adolescents parents.
A tent or the caravan have to be installed on the site indicated by the booking office. Busses and Camping- Cars of more than 8 m can only be placed line O, on the uneven side.


2 - Opening hours of services 

• The campsite is open to traffic from 7 a.m. to midnight.
• The opening hours of the reception are from 9 a.m. to 5.45 p.m. from March 15th to June 14th and from September16th to October 15th and from 9 a.m. to 7.45 p.m. from June, 15th to September, 15th
• 2 automatics laundries are available from 7a.m. to midnight
• Cash point 24 hours


3 - Registration fees

 Applicable in accordance with the rate in force and the number of nights spent on the site, they shall be paid at the recep- tion office the day of the arrival.


4 - Access to the Holiday center 

• A bracelet will be handed out to you at your arrival. Any replacement will be charged. For security reasons they must be worn permanently to enter and exit the campsite . When controlled by our security staff by day or by night, you must be able to show them and communicate your name and/or pitch number. It is specifically prohibited to cut the bracelets.
• The number of visitors is limited to 4 naturist adults. Those, who don’t respect nudity, will be excluded from the campsite. No visitor will be allowed to enter after 10. pm. Visitors and guest shall be admitted on the campsite under their hosts’ responsibility. They must park their car outside on the public parking and register themselves at the entrance in between 9 a.m. and 10p.m. They will be given a bracelet and must give it back when leaving, the living is limited to 5 consecutives hours. Each visitor must leave our center before 1am. The tenant of the pitch has to pay all his guest’s charges of stay, if they don’t respect these conditions. Every licensed vehicle, such as, but not limited to scooters, motorcycles, quad... must be declared and registered. Inside the camping it is strictly forbidden to do any business or advertising activity except in case of prior written authorization by the camping manager.

• The beach is naturist from Port Ambonne to the “Sun Beach» restaurant. The dunes and the seashore facing the camping are under a daily surveillance for the safety of our customers. The sites which are behind the campsite are a nature reserve.


5 – Respect for the naturist ethics ans for the nudity 

Centre Naturiste René Oltra is a naturist centre and we insist on the respect of nudity and all other naturist values. Regular inspections are made. Families not obeying these rules cannot be accepted for a further stay.
- 1st control: Oral reminder of the rules (handing over of a flyer, 8 register mention of name and/or pitch number)
- 2nd control: subpoena with the management, last reminder

- 3rd control: Letter of expulsion, notice of cancellation We count on you, parents or grandparents going along with teenagers, to encourage them to respect naturism and its values (only trunks, boxers and monokinis are tolerated as an exception) Any provocative attitude against other naturist will be penalized with the expulsion of the site.


6 - Noise 

Campers are requested to avoid any noise and discussion that may disturb their neighbours. Excessive noise is forbidden. After 10 pm we recommend you to be unremarkable. Silence must be total from midnight to 7 a.m. During the night, traffic is strictly forbidden in the campsite, except in case of emergency. If it happens, please contact the controller at this number: 04 67 01 06 37, available 24/7. From 12 a.m. to 6 a.m. a free night taxi will bring you back to your place. In case of non compliance of this rule, the access for your car will temporarily be refused.


7 - Animals 

It is obligatory to keep dogs on a lead and to have bags to collect faeces outside the dog areas and to spray water in order to avoid the bad smell of urines. Animals may not be left in the campsite, even locked up, while their owners are away. Owners are responsible for their animals. A vaccination certificate will be requested by the office, it is obligatory. For safety, dogs of 1st and 2nd category are not accepted in our camping.


8 - Security 

-Fires : open fires are strictly forbidden. Gas rings shall be maintained in a good working order. A stone barbecue is on the Agora place, it is to be used by any resident of the camping.
If a fire was to happen :
• Don’t take any risks and STAY CALM !!

• Sound the alarm, warn the neighbours and call the Security Service (
•Immediately unplug the electricity cable from the electrical pole, shut down, unplug and move away the gas bottle ONLY if it is not yet exposed to flames, else, move 45 m away.
• Help your neighbours, handicapped people and any other person needing help.
• NEVER try to go back into your installation, even if it is only partially on fire.
• Spray the little fires with the fire extinguishers at your disposal, and the large ones with the fire hoses, as well as the next door installation to prevent them from burning.
• When the firemen arrive, LET THEM DO THE WORK AND EVACUATE THE AREA!
-Fences or gratings are forbidden. We advise you to place trees plants around the campsite. The access to the sites shall be free in order to permit the winter works and maintenance. Porches have to be dismantled at the end of the stay. During the campsite closing, the management declines all responsibility concerning the falls of trees and limbs upon the in dismantled porches.


9 - Theft - Aggression - Vigilance 

Any camper caught in the act of stealing or behaving in an aggressive manner or breaching the security of others campers will be expelled imme- diately and without any forewarning. The management is responsible only for the articles lodged at the office. Although the camping is watched over 7/7 days and 24/24h, we ask customers to take the required safety measures to protect their equipements (bike lock,...)No violent or embar- rassing games are authorized in the camping.


10 - Electricity - Water 

The current provided is 220 volts (6 amperes) on all the equipped sites.
The tenant may only use one plug 5 Amperes for / 10 Amperes for mobil home caravans (yearly extra amperage may be purchased by the bene- ficiary of a “leisure comfort contract”, at the reception desk)
Warning: If illegal modification of amperage is noticed, the tenant must pay the up charge. Our electric installation are checked by an independent control bureau, the tenant hereby agrees he/she will respect the electrical installations and unplugged them when away for a while and at the end of the season. The drinking water is controlled by an approved state agency. Car washing is forbidden. You are asked to save water and avoid waste; it is precious!


11 - Vehicles‘ circulation and parking inside the center THE DRIVING SPEED IS STRICTLY LIMITED TO 10 KM/H. Any camper not respec- ting this security measure will have its vehicles forbidden to enter the campsite for ALL. Only the vehicles belonging to the campers are allowed into the camping. We ask you for your safety to respect the road signage and the driving directions. An accredited crash helmet (article R-431-1) and lighting of each vehicle moving by night are compulsory inside the René Oltra Naturist Center. The management assumes no responsability in case of accident due to breach of the rules of traffic. Vehicles are forbidden on the unoccupied sites, mustn’t constrain the traffic, neither obstruct the installation which arrives.


12 - Cleanliness - Hygiene All campers must keep their site clean and leave it the same way on departure. Rubbish and waste of all kinds must be put in bin bags. Please make sure that all bottles and glasses are placed in the special glass bin. It is strictly forbidden to throw polluted water on the ground, in the gutters, but in the sanitary installations. It is strictly prohibited to deposit plants or bulky goods inside the campsite. They have to be stored in of the two limited areas in Allée O (Bagnas Acces) opened from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. It is also forbidden to prune, cut or chop down trees. It’s forbidden to close your place with any material or trees to make it private.


13 - Photos 

Photos and films may only be taken of people with their permission. Any breach of the law may cause the offender to be expelled from the site and legal actions may be taken against him.


14 - Insurance – Responsibility 

It is the tenant’s responsibility to take out an insurance policy for his main and secondary installations. The management of Centre Naturiste René Oltra declines all responsibility in the case of theft, fire, bad weather... and any incidents concerning the liability of the tenant.

The invoiced stays are never reimbursed.
The decision by the customer to stay in the holiday center fully implies that he accepts the terms of these regulations and undertakes to abide them.
Any protests that may arise from this contract of lease are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of immovable property.


-Fait au Cap d’Agde, le 15/10/2016.

                                                                                                                              Le Président Richard OLTRA



CNIL (National Institute for Data Base and Freedom) 

In accordance with article 39 concerning the French privacy law n° 78 – 17 of 6 January 1978: It is possible for any person to obtain at the entrance office of the Centre Naturiste René Oltra resort communication and if necessary rectification or suppression of personal information. In the same time everybody has the possibility to object for legal reasons to the data management concerning his person.

A CCTV system is operational since summer 2009. Dedicated to a easyer surveillance of the center, it aims to improve your safety and to ensure calm (duly authorized by the prefecture n°2009-01-1934 from 27 july 2009).

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