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Naturist charter

Télécharger la charte naturiste

« Naturism is a manner to live in harmony with Nature, caracterise by collective nudism to favour oneself, others and the respect of the environment ».
XIVe international conference in 1974 in Agde.

Since more than 50 years, Holiday Center René Oltra is attached to respect of fondamental naturism values : nudism, oneself, others and respect of the environment.
Inside our holidays center, everywhere and everytime, nudism is required for children and adults.
Ban swimsuit, strings, bikinis, and all useless accessories (génital piercings,…) : appearances don’t have place here and remember erotism is completly different from naturism.
If weather, hygenic or secury situation needs clothes, we should give priority to sobriety.


- The wealth of naturism is built with diversity : origine, races, confessions, as the variety of motivation and conception. But it doesn’t mean we could accept everything and anything !
- Collective Nudism means avoiding naturally all shocking attitudes, voyeurism or exhibitionism.
- Any ambiguous attitudes, voyeurism or exhibitionism, which could shock children or adults will be tolerated. Every group or person who don’t respect this basic rule will be forced to leave immediatly our naturist center.

Nature must be protected to continu to enjoy our holidays setting.
So we must take care about environmental pollution :

- Conserve our link with nature and respect it by using trash can and  recycling container,
- Take care about sand dune, végétation, beach,…                                    
- Save water as often as possible,
- Respect speed limit inside center;
- Lower sound of radios, speeches, during the night,
- Use plastic bag for pets (available at the office)
-  Respect materials and facilities which are to your disposal.

Generally savoir-vivre and mutual respect should be ‘the gold rule’ to live free naturism in community. 

Have good holidays !

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