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René Oltra clubs

René Oltra clubs

Mini Club

An Oltra club for each generation !
The “mini-club” welcomes kids from 6 to 10 y.o, with creative art craft, excursions, special events! Each week, a new schedule of the activities is available: Sport tournaments, cooking classes, clowns, inflatable castles, trip to Aqualand, to the zoo, at the tree climbing trail.


Sunny Club

The sunny club, dedicated to the 11 to 13 y.o, offers them a wide array of activities during the day: Sport, team games, craftsmanship and excursions: (lasergame, ice skating ring…). New, since 2012: the members of the sunny club have free access to the Stand up Paddle, a nautical activity on the beach facing the camping ! In the evenings, the counselors lead them during various activities: picnics at the Saint Loup hill, BBQ parties, campfire…

Sunny +

New ! Located in Agora, this club proposes animations to the teenagers, from 14 to 18 years old.

Cosmos Area

The Cosmos Area, situated near the beach, offers a space dedicated to the young people who wish to take advantage freely of the equipments such as : the multisports court, the skatepark, the fitness equipment...


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