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The region and our excursions

The surroundings of the Cap d’Agde are full of gorgeous landscapes…
A selection of excursions is prepared by the Animation office.  You can discover the Camargue, get on board the Pyrenean “yellow little train”, go shopping at the Spanish border, or visit the Cevennes Bamboo park. The program of the excursions is printed on the monthly newsletter.

Distance: 28 km

Ancient Roman founding, this city has many middle-class houses with Romanesque style. Very rich of culture, many places, different markets, one of them not to be missed, the flower market in front of the City Theatre, personalities as Pierre Paul Riquet, the creator of the ‘Canal du Midi’ or Jean Moulin, one of the greatest heroes of French Résistance during the 2nd World War. Béziers disposes of a lot of assets to be worth a visit.

Distance: 32 km

A dark blue interior sea, extending from Balaruc and Sète to Marseillan. It is known first of all for the oyster farming. Many families of the surrounding villages Mèze and Bouzigues live on this craft industry. Between 10 and 20 % of the French oysters production comes from this producing area. In the middle of the ‘Etang de Thau’, a large part of the surface is divided up into squares. Under these structures, the oysters are attached to cords and hang down in the water growing up to delicious sea fruit.

Distance: 4 km

In the Mediterranean territory Cap d’Agde is the most important tourist destination for Naturism. This seaside resort was built at the bottom of the volcano ‘Mont St. Loup’. Cap d’Agde is the touristic commune of France with the largest accommodation capacity. This year it celebrates its 40th jubilee. 18 hole Golf course, sea aquarium, museum for underwater archaeology, whole the year long markets with very coloured and lively atmosphere.

Distance: 66 km

In the heart of ‘Cevennes’ mountains at an altitude of 1400 m rise the Hérault river. During the first 10 km the wild torrent rushes down a height difference of more than 1000 meters. From June on it would be possible to swim in the quiet and clear water. The most appropriate way for discovering the gorges of this river is the canoeing.

Distance: 68 km

This dripstone cave is a real underground miracle. Since several million years the nature and the water are slowly forming in the galleries, finely fashioned columns and other strange concretions. In the halls, the stalagmites and the stalactites are partly hanging or standing alone, partly close together. In 2005, this place was declared to be a scientifically and picturesquely interesting sight, and will soon be listed as ‘Cultural World Heritage’ of U.N.E.S.C.O.

Distance: 65 km

Situated around 50 km from Montpellier to the west, near by the towns Clermont l’Hérault and Lodève. A reservoir scenery with breathtaking colours and forms. The ground around the lake is red! A protected natural landscape offering many open air sports possibilities as well as rarities not to miss. Many walk paths on the hills around, some of them with view on the water below. Only sailing or rowing are authorized and a sailing school proposes all kind of courses or boats to rent.

Distance: 66 km

Concerning its cultural offer, Montpellier, capital of ‘Hérault département’,   is considered to be one of the most dynamic cities of France. It has internationally famous arts festivals, a large historical heritage mixed with a modern and neoclassical architecture, an unequalled gastronomy and worships vintage wines.

Distance: 92 km

Situated about 25 minutes from Montpellier to the north. A picturesque mountain, that’s point is visible from a great part of the department, from the coast line and from the neighbour department ‘Gard’. It seems to us that its soars to the sky. Within the area of ‘garrigue’ it is one of the most beautiful natural site to do hill walking. It is considered to be ‘La Sainte Victoire’ of Languedoc. Facing with the ‘Mont Hortus’ in the north, they seem to hold a dialogue. Some majestic birds of prey are living in this exceptional conservation area.

Distance: 27 km

Sète is a magnificent town situated between the Mediterranean sea and the Thau lake, full of culture and traditions where you’ll enjoy a stroll along the canals filled with trawlers.

Distance: 69 km

42 km to the north west from Montpellier in the middle of the sumptuous environment of the gorges of Hérault you’ll reach the small village St. Guilhem le Désert with its ‘Gellone abbey cloisters, (11 – 13th century). Here, spirituality cohabits harmoniously with wide rocky faces. Many shops of arts and crafts complete pleasantly the visit.

Distance: 7 km

Founded by the ancient Greeks, at the junction of salt water and fresh water. Agde had been founded 2600 years ago. In this place the Mediterranean meets together with the river Hérault and ‘Canal du Midi’. When strolling through the old city with its narrow lanes with small shops and the shaded promenades, you will perceive its historical treasures.

Distance: 38 km

In the heart of Hérault département a few 12 km from Béziers to the east, Françoise and Daniel Malgouyres succeeded in creating a real paradise. In fact, they reclaimed arduously a former quarry, a dreary desert of stones, burned by the sun. Groundwater enabled them to lay out a pond and a large variety of plants and flowers offer a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere.

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