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How to make a reservation?


Can reservations be made over the phone?

NO. A written element – Internet or mail – is compulsory. Nonetheless, any information regarding the reservation may be obtained on the phone.

Stellen Sie Schliessfächer zur Verfügung ?

An email or letter is required for the cancellation is taken into account.

Is it possible to choose a pitch ?

YES. But the chosen pitch will only be given if available. The direction reserves itself the right to modify the pitch schedule without prior notice.

Is it possible to choose a rent ?

YES. Your choice will be respected if the rents availability allows it.

Is there a minimal numbers of night to be spent at the CHM required ?

NO for the pitches.
YES for the rent (Mobil-home and Chalets). The minimum number of night per booking is 2 (two) during the low saison and 7 (seven) during the high season.

Is it possible to set an booking option for a stay ?


How to know the availabilities ?

A planning of the available rents is posted and updated on our website. Further information may be given to you over the phone at 00 33 (0)4 67 01 06 36.

How to get an quotation ?

By asking for it at the Reservation office.

Are there safes available?

YES. At the reception office, you may rent a safe to put your papers, money and valuable objects in. They are accessible within the office opening hours.


1) Over the internet: After having checked the availabilities, a demand has to be filled in through the “reservation” thumbnail. After your reservation form has been transferred, the “reservation central network” sends you an automatic e-mail answer with a reference number. WARNING: This e-mail is not a booking confirmation from the Centre Naturiste René Oltra, which you’ll, received later. With all the details.
2) By mail: A reservation contract is included in the brochure. Please be careful of the postal delay.
Only the complete form, signed and including the deposit will be taken care of.

Means of payment

What are the different mean of payment accepted?

Are accepted:  VISA credit cards, transfer to a postal chequing account, Bank transfer and cash.

When will my deposit be debited ?

As soon as your Internet or mail reservation will be received. A receipt is sent to you by e-mail or mail depending on which mean you used.

How and when is the balance to be paid ?

For pitches, the balance is to be paid upon arrival at the Centre Naturiste René OLTRA.
For rents, the balance is to be paid 30 days prior to arrival.


What is included in the daily fee ?

Pitches: The fee includes the rent, for up to 2 persons, of a pitch for a tent, or a caravan, or a Mobil-home, with electricity and drinkable water.
Rents: The fee includes the rent for the night in a chalet or a Mobil-home fully equipped, linen included, a kitchen also fully equipped, air conditioner/ heater, garden furniture and a private parking spot.

modification / Cancellation

How to know if my reservation was successful ?

By internet : Confirmation e-mail automatically sent back, with a reference of the pitch or location and the amount of the balance due sent by the Centre Naturiste René Oltra.
By mail: Confirmation mail automatically sent back, with a reference of the pitch or location and the amount of the balance due sent by the Centre Naturiste René Oltra.

Can my reservation be modified?

NO, no modification is possible during the month preceding the beginning of your stay. Prior to a month before the beginning of the stay, modification are made if possible.

Why getting the Cancelation Insurance ?

Are guaranteed by the Cancelation Insurance:  Severe diseases, accidents, death, important damages to the housing, the vehicle, loss of the job for economic reasons, work related transfer, strikes, natural catastrophes,.

What do I have to do if I want to cancel my reservation ?

A mail or e-mail is mandatory for the cancelation to be effective.

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